Making what’s hidden conscious.

Change what subconsciously drives your life, so you can be more free.

Are you living a life of purpose that you dreamed and envisioned for yourself? Do you feel free and secure? Do you have clarity in your thoughts and words? Are you in a loving and supportive relationship? Are you healthy?

Do you ask yourself all these questions but can’t find the answers? The answers may lay in your subconscious, in false beliefs that are rooted deep down holding you bound.  You are primarily Energy.

Your energy field which consist not only of your physical body but also of your thoughts and emotions stores all your experiences creating thus your reality.

ALL your thoughts and emotions throughout your life from childhood on you have developed (through, upbringing, education, conditioning, religion, environment, etc ) in your core belief systems defining who you are now. Some are your own some are not, some are beneficial some not.

In my work I will be assisting, supporting and guiding you in your unique journey to unfold the healing potential which resides in each one of us, unleashing your subconscious bonds for a freer, healthier,purposeful, fulfilling and loving life. As all healing comes from within, it is ultimately YOU who does the healing.

With energy work and quantum healing hypnosis I will assist you in making conscious your most inner beliefs to identify the root causes of your core issues.

Like Jung said: ’’Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate’’

The best way I’ve learned for how to shift your own unconscious, subconscious or conscious belief systems that are automatically operating in your energy fields is to literally retrain your thinking and to consciously release those systems that no longer serve you.

I will continue gently assisting you in your healing journey by challenging them, helping you release the ones that are not yours or not in sync with your life path and reinforcing the ones that are beneficial so you can dissolve the obstacles that have prevented you in making the necessary shift in thoughts and behaviour.

It’s important to reprogram these belief systems with ones that you do want to support. Consciously creating and anchoring new supportive belief systems into your energy fields empowers you to create what YOU DO WANT.

Are you courageous enough to start the work? Let me assist you. Book a session.

    What my clients say

    “I went to some sessions with Mrs. Manea at a difficult emotional time in my life and she proved to be very helpful and comforting, taking away some of my pain and helping me better understand the process of life and death. We’ve been through some healing and also hypnotic regression sessions that were great. I warmly recommend her!” 

    Alexandra Paucescu

    United Nations Women's Guild

    “Like the earth, our body is surrounded by a magnetic field whose role has been understood long time ago (from the early Egyptians to the ancient Greeks) by mystics and scientists alike. Mirela heals with her hands by repairing disturbances in the body’s magnetic field, when stress or illness affects the body. She also addresses the root of the problems by discussing mood, fears, and attitudes. I have been to several sessions with Mirela intermittently, and every time I left her office light as a feather. It certainly takes belief and understanding in this practice. I have both and I have FELT the energy emanating from her hands in areas that I knew were affected at the time of the therapy. I highly recommend getting informed and trying this form of treatment of which Mirela is a true master.” 

    Micaela Hohenloe

    Interior Designer

    “I had the pleasure of receiving wonderful sessions with Mirela over the past four years where she took me to deep places within myself. I am always impressed by her compassion and ability to know exactly how I feel and what I need. I believe that it’s rare to find healers that embody her level of skill and genuineness. Mirela has been incredibly helpful to me to find my balance and trust my decisions. I am not only very excited to continue our work together but also truly thankful for everything. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” 

    Nina Litman-Roventa

    Research Assistant – University of Leeds

    Personal sessions


    Wellbeing session

    Recharge your battery and restore your energy back to its maximum capacity, relieve stress, be more clear in your thoughts and intention, and regain an overall sense of well being. 

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    Changing belief system

    Work with your subconsious to overcome phobias, fears, addiction and rebuild your self-worth. Are you ready to challenge your believes and have a more fulfilling life experience?

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    Past life regression

    Explore the afterlife, get in touch with higher knowledge, the spirit world, your guides. Past Life Regression can help you reveal the root cause of your repeating life issues.

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